Montauk, NY Hiking Guide w/ @christinagrieco_

Montauk, NY Hiking Guide w/ @christinagrieco_

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Come with us as we venture to Montauk, NY with Christina (@christinagrieco_)!  She's introducing us to the incredible sand dunes and exquisite oceanside trails.  Post hike, don't forget to check out the top places to shop and eat!  Thank you so much, Christina, for adding another must see on our adventure list!

Located in Napeague, New York

These trails are ambiguous leaving you with freedom to walk any part of the land that you would like.

 Parking is alongside Napeague Harbor Rd

*Watch for parking signs!

Located in Mantauk, New York

This hike can be as casual or as Intense as you would like. You can wander the many winding trails that scatter across town and all lead back to the lighthouse.

Park in the Camp Hero parking lot or the Montauk Point Lighthouse parking lot

Left Hand Coffee Shop

Best coffee In town!


The Dock

Just get the tuna melt


Adam Mar

Local surf shop

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