ICELAND Hiking Guide w/ @linbergmann

ICELAND Hiking Guide w/ @linbergmann

Linda, @linbergmann, is showing us how to start our toasty summer by exploring the coolest hikes in ICELAND!  These top three hikes include breathtaking outlooks and waterfalls for days! She's also included lots of eats and shops to explore for a well rounded Icelandic experience. Thank you, Linda!

Hike #1 Glymur - Scenic hike along a massive canyon with Iceland’s second highest waterfall as the final viewpoint. 4 hours total and partly very steep and slippery.

Hike #2 Waterfall Way - Starts at iconic Skógafoss waterfall and leads along 20+ beautiful more waterfalls. It’s a 16km hike back and forth but you can turn around whenever you feel like it.

Hike #3 Landmannalaugar - Iceland’s highlands are absolutely amazing and offer so many hikes of various distances. Park at the main parking spot and just see which one sparks your interest. They’re all breathtaking!

- Definitely grab one of the cinnamon buns from Brauð & Co or a Cruller at Deig. SO GOOD! Both places are located in the heart of downtown.

- PÜNK restaurant has an amazing and fun tasting menu and fantastic cocktails. The interior is wild and highly photogenic, as well.

- Stop by the Skool Beans bus in Vík when exploring the south coast. Such a unique place and the coffee is beyond. Also: It comes with a cat!

- Wasteland Reykjavik is one of the best vintage stores I have ever been to - and I am an avid thrift shopping gal.

- Blue Lagoon shop for their iconic skincare. I know it’s quite expensive but the Silica Mud Mask is truly so so worth it!

- Hrím is a beautiful store for gifts and treats and has a beautifully curated selection of candles, journals, interior items and way way more.

Even though winter is my personal fave time of year and comes with the amazing Northern Lights I would definitely suggest to visit during summer, especially the first time around. Driving the ring road is doable, storms are less, temperatures are mild (but you will still need a jacket) and in June we have sheer oceans of lupines. If you don’t like crowds then you usually only have to walk a few hundred meters (even at the most visited spots) and you will be alone in wild wild nature. Oh and don’t buy bottles water - the tap water is the cleanest in the world!

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