Wyoming Hiking Guide w/ @talayafromspace

Wyoming Hiking Guide w/ @talayafromspace

It's been a while, but we're back and taking you to the stunning mountains of Wyoming. Talaya from @talayafromspace is an avid hiker who used to live at the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. She is giving us her top 3 hikes of the area, and after seeing these pictures you might be heading there next. It is breathtaking and we are so grateful for her guide and tips this week.  Here we go:

1. Castle Gardens 

castle garden wyoming hike

This hiking area is located in Tensleep, WY and is the perfect day hike with a beautiful drive over the Big Horn Mountains on the west side.

castle garden wyoming hike

Some things you need to be careful with are possible rattlesnakes, and definitely bring bear spray (and there could be a mountain lion in the are as well). But don't let that deter you after seeing these pictures. 

castle garden wyoming hike 

Talaya also recommends stopping at Ten Sleep Brewing Co.

2. Tongue River Canyon

tongue river canyon wyoming

Located near Dayton, WY this is another great day hike. This trail leads all the way up the Big Horn Mountains, or you can turn around anytime and make it however long of a hike you would like.

tongue river canyon wyoming

Be cautious and bear aware here as well. Don't forget your bear spray and be on the lookout for rattlesnakes and mountain lions here too.

tongue river canyon wyoming

FOOD!! There are 3 highly recommended stops while you are in this area:

-Dayton Mercantile-must get a sandwich (It's a small town with lots of cowboy character).

-Powder River Pizza in Sheridan, WY (25 min. drive from the canyon.

-Smith Alley Brewing also in Sheridan.

3. Cloud Peak Wilderness to Summit (31.6 via the loop)

Ok, I feel like you are in for an adventure with this hike and the perfect opportunity to do some great backpacking.  Talaya did this in 3 days (she unfortunately got caught in some storms so couldn't summit, but said the views were still amazing)

cloud peak wilderness in wyoming

Again, beware of bear because this is Grizzly country!  Bring a bear vault (I wasn't sure what this was so I looked it up and it's a big canister to put all your food in while backpacking--brilliant!)

cloud peak wilderness wyoming

Also make sure you stop in Buffalo, Wyoming before heading up the mountain. It's your last town before heading up and a great place to stock up on supplies and dump waste.

cloud peak wilderness wyoming

My take-aways from Big Horn Wyoming--be prepared for bears but most importantly be prepared for incredible views!! Thank you Talaya for all your expert advice on these Wyoming hikes.

I hope you are enjoying our hiked it liked it series. We are coming up on a year and have created this incredible list of hikes all around the world thanks to YOU.  These are all curated from hikers who know the ins and outs of where they live (better than any google search) Their advice is tried and true and they have been so willing to share their piece of the world with us. So thanks to them we have this amazing free resource for all and can go out enjoy these little nuggets of hiking gold around the world.

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