NW, GA Hiking Guide w/ @selenahaley__

NW, GA Hiking Guide w/ @selenahaley__

Come with us as we follow, Selena @selenahaley__ through another gorgeous US SE state.  Northwest Georgia is full of history, waterfalls, and breath taking views covering multiple states at a time!  Selena, thank you for the highlights and tips and post hike best eats!

Cloudland Canyon State Park features canyon overlooks, breathtaking cascading waterfalls, and miles of scenic hiking. The most popular trail is Waterfall Trail. This trail consists of numerous steps that drop 400 foot to Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls. The hike down is a workout but the beauty of the falls is worth it. The entry fee is $5 and there is a large parking lot. During the spring and summer months, parking fills up fast. If parking is full, you will not be able to enter the park.

Elevation: 800 to 1980 feet

Pigeon Mountain is a summit full of wildlife, miles of hiking trails, amazing views overlooking the countryside, mines, and unique natural features including the rock towers of Rocktown, waterfalls and caves. Petty John's Cave and Ellison's Cave (12th deepest pit cave in the United States) are located on the mountain. The trails are wooded and moderate. You can drive up the mountain in any car, but the roads are a little rough. The drive is great for trucks and larger vehicles!

Elevation: 2330 Feet

Mountain Range: Cumberland Plateau

Point Park

Point Park overlooks the Tennessee River, Chattanooga, and other states! There are military monuments in this park also. The overlooks are absolutely beautiful and the moderate scenic trail along the mountain to Sunset Rock is breathtaking.

Acres: 36

Elevation: 718 Feet

These national parks are located in both Northwest Georgia and on the top of Lookout Mountain in Southeast Tennessee. The parks preserve the sites of two major battles of the American Civil War.

 Chickamauga Battlefield

The Chickamauga Battlefield is full of trails for hiking, horseback riding, and biking. The trails are very easy to hike and you are free to roam anywhere in the park.There are tons of military monuments and open fields that are great for flying kites during the windy months. Plenty of free parking can be found throughout the park and entry is also free.

Acres: 9523

Hike #1 -

Canyon Grill

Rising Fawn, GA


Hike #2 -

Wardlaw's Lucky Eye Q

Lafayette, GA


Hike #3 -

Mr. T's Pizza & Ice Cream

Chattanooga, TN


Hike #4 - Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

Fort Oglethorpe, GA

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