Utah County Hiking Guide w/ Indy Brand

Utah County Hiking Guide w/ Indy Brand

Our very first Hiked it Liked it guide.  Join us every Friday as we feature a local hiker who shares their top 3 favorite hikes where they live, along with any tips and tricks. Today we are starting where Indy Brand was born-Utah county, UT


Yay, it’s here!!! Our very first “Hiked it Liked it” hiking guide!! Every Friday we will bring on a featured guest who loves to hike and they will share their top 3 favorite hikes where they live along with any insider tips and tricks!!! So cool, huh?? Then whenever you travel you will know the local insider information to make the most out of your trip.

We wanted to start off our series and be the first “featured guest” this week by highlighting where Indy Brand originated, in Utah county, UT!! We talked to our avid hiking friends and family that live here too and this is what we all came up with:

1.Mt Timpanogos (up American Fork Canyon).  This is one of the most popular hikes in Utah covering over 14 miles (not for the faint of heart), but to the most incredible views. (about 8-10 hours total)  If you want to see the sunrise (which we HIGHLY recommend) we suggest starting early in the morning (like 2AM).  Dress in layers as you may start off cold but then warm up as the day goes on.  The best time of the year to go is summer-fall.  And don't forget your camera for beautiful views of the scenery, wildflowers and wildlife.

2. Silver Lake is also located up a different part of American Fork Canyon.  You go up towards Tibble Fork (which is also a beautiful stop to take pictures)  Then you will drive on an unpaved road for a few miles to get to the trailhead (over a 4 mile hike)  You could start at Tibble Fork and go up if you would like.  That would make the hike about 10 miles.  At the top is this gorgeous lake!  Don't forget your swimsuit because you can take a dip in this freezing, water!  But who wouldn't after a long hike in the summer.  Very serene and beautiful.

3.  Stewart Falls is located up Provo Canyon in Sundance near Aspen Grove.  This is a family fun hike to a beautiful waterfall, so bring your suit and/or water shoes to get wet because you and your kids will want to get in (and yes it's cold too) The best time to go is spring-fall. On your drive down stop in at Sundance at the Foundry Grill for some yummy food, and grab yourself a Sundance sucker at the gift shop!

We are so lucky to live in the beaUTAHful state of Utah.  It really is nature's playground.  In upcoming weeks we will feature other parts of Utah as well because it has so much to offer to all your nature lovers.

We are so excited to continue on with our Hiked it Liked it series.  Tune in every Friday as we feature another amazing local hiker who will share their top 3 favorite hikes where they live so we can all get outside and see the world.

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