Tahoe/Truckee, CA Hiking Guide with @locals.creative

Tahoe/Truckee, CA Hiking Guide with @locals.creative

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Our first official Hiked it Liked it guest is Em from @locals.creative.  Em lives and loves all things Lake Tahoe and Tuckee in California so she is the perfect expert to help up this week. She will share her top 3 favorite hikes where she lives, along with some tips for those who want to come visit.  

1. Mt. Judah Loop Trail (Truckee, CA)  - A stunning way to see Donner Lake and expansive views of surrounding peaks. Pro tip: hit this spot on a weekday to avoid the crowds and grab a post hike beer at Truckee Brewing Company or fuel up beforehand with a coffee at Pacific Crest Coffee. If you find yourself hiking in Truckee on a warm day, take advantage of Donner Lake’s free public docks to post up on for a swim or sunbathing for the afternoon.

2. Twin Peaks (West Shore Lake Tahoe) - Worth the nearly 12 miles to grab your pup to keep the bears away and have the trail (usually) to yourself. Your heart will be pumping at the end as it is a bit of a scramble to the summit to earn your untouched views of Lake Tahoe. Fuel up before or after your big hike at the West Shore Market.

3. Sierra Buttes (an hour from Truckee located in Sierra County) The hidden gem of the Sierra Nevada. If the killer views of the alpine lakes and expansive wilderness don’t sell you on this, the stairs towering over the cliff edge up to the 1915 fire lookout will. If you are lucky, you can catch views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen on a good day from the top. Be sure to stop by the Brewing Lair for some tasty brews in the middle of the woods on their 15 acre property (that includes their own disc golf course, cornhole, outdoor ping pong and plenty of space to relax all outside). Oh, and don’t forget your dog!

Thank you Em! Lake Tahoe is definitely going on the travel list now!!

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Check back every Friday as we highlight another hiking enthusiast and get all their local tips and tricks of their favorite hikes where they live!

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