Phoenix, Arizona Hiking Guide w/ @kirstintheoutdoors

Phoenix, Arizona Hiking Guide w/ @kirstintheoutdoors

We are so excited to have @kirstintheoutdoors share with us her hiking expertise from Phoenix, AZ!  This hiking guru will tell us all about her 3 favorite hikes in the Phoenix area, including the Grand Canyon. Thanks so much, Kirstin, for inspiring us to visit your beautiful Arizona landscapes!

1. Grand Canyon National Park: If you like backpacking, the Grand Canyon is an always humbling but stunning place to go. If backpacking, a permit IS required for the specific campgrounds you're looking to stay at. There are so many routes, but I personally love the classic South Kaibab down to the river with a night at the Bright Angel campground. Make sure to try the lemonade at Phantom Ranch if you're able to snag a permit! Keep in mind- the bottom of the Grand Canyon tends to have the same weather as Phoenix, so late fall is best! 
2. Phoenix Mountain Preserve: This one is right in the city, but the views are pretty unbeatable for a city hike! It is a very popular trail for locals, but still worth it. My favorite time to go is right before sunset-, and I always make sure to stay to watch the city light up (bring a headlamp!). The trail is short, only a little over 2 miles roundtrip- but climbs 1200 ft in a mile so it can be tough. If you're lucky, you may even see a Ringtail (AZ's state mammal- they are the CUTEST). This is one to avoid in the summer if you're not used to heat, as it is in Phoenix and temps can reach 115 or higher! Perfect in the fall-spring. 
3. Fremont Saddle via Peralta Canyon Trail- Superstition Wilderness: The Superstition Wilderness as a whole is one of my favorite wilderness areas, which has SO many amazing trails that vary in difficulty. The hike to Fremont Saddle is pretty moderate- around 5 miles roundtrip, with about 1300 ft elevation gain. This trail leads to phenomenal views of the rock formation known as Weavers Needle. The whole hike has absolutely gorgeous views that will not disappoint! I'd recommend going early because there isn't a ton of shade. After your hike, you can head to Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company for AMAZING burgers and fries. 
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