Indy Love Club

Would you like to earn Indy Brand store credit for sharing your love of Indy with your friends and family?  Would you like a discount on your own purchase of Indy? Apply below and you might be chosen to become an Indy Brand Clothing rep!


  1.  Fill out the form below. -You must be at least 16 years of age and have a public social account (Instagram, Facebook)

  2.  If you are accepted you will get a unique discount code for yourself, woo hoo!!  As well as one to share with your friends, family and followers. Please do not publicly share your discount code. It should be DM'd or privately messaged.

  3.  Follow, like and comment on our social media.  Post and do a story at least once a month.  Show your love for our brand :)

  4.  For every 5 orders placed using your code, you will receive $10 in Indy Brand store credit. And our top 5 ambassadors of each quarter will get an additional bonus. (Non-commission program)