UNITED KINGDOM Hiking Guide W/ @nomadsheart_

UNITED KINGDOM Hiking Guide W/ @nomadsheart_

We are venturing into the surprising diversity of United Kingdom terrain!  This week we don't have to choose between mountain or beach as Jessica, @nomadsheart_, is taking us across the Kingdom's mountain lands and then to the tropic-like Jurassic coast. Thank you, Jessica, for opening our eyes to these amazing hikes!

Holme Fen is part of a 200 acre nature reserve in the midlands of England. It is the lowest point in all of the British isles and has numerous of walking trails that are easily accessible to families with any aged kids. Our favorite trail as a family was around the “Duck Lake” as we referred to it, due to its twists and turns that jolted out so you felt like your were in the middle of the lake. Parking is just off the road and the best place to eat is at the pub right in the corner of the small village Holme!

This hike is a second highest peak in the UK, Mount Snowdon. Part of the three peaks challenge, Mount Snowdon staggers at 1,085 meters above sea level and offers trails for any experienced hiker or climber. Easy to walk up with small children but difficult enough to hike up if you’re seeking a greater challenge. Reaching the peak is honestly on of the best feelings you’ll ever feel. There are numerous parking lots at the base of the mountain or you can opt to camp and experience the night skies beauty.

Moving down south, just off the Jurassic coast is Durdle Door. Located in Dorset, you feel as tho you’ve been transported to a more tropical environment. This coves crystal clear water is a must see. The hike from the car park to the top of the cliff takes just under 20 minutes and then you reach the top of the cliff to the stunning views of a natural limestone arch. The beach is pebble stone so I recommend wearing shoes. It’s perfect for a picnic or you can grab some snacks from a cafe nearby.

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