St. Louis, MO Hiking Guide with @stlouishikes

St. Louis, MO Hiking Guide with @stlouishikes

We are featuring the beautiful city of St. Louis today and what better guest to help us out than @stlouishikes She is going to share with us her top 3 favorite hikes in St. Louis and some fun local eats and shops you have to check out if you are in the area.

My favorite trail in the “St. Louis” area!
• Long and a lot of hills but a lot to see
• A lot of the trail goes through the creeks
• Several “waterfalls” or rather more water trickling down than a full waterfall
• Not much shade (walked in mid April)
• Slightly muddy and walking through water. Hiking boots were helpful
• If 4 miles is too long, there’s a shortcut that makes it only about 2.5 miles

One of St. Louis’s most popular trails in my opinion
• Great views overlooking the river and trees
• Because of that though, a VERY crowded trail.. I went today (Sunday) on a perfect fall weather day and was constantly behind and in front of people
• There are several trails at this park but the most popular ones are Lone Wolf Trail and River Scene Trail
• The beginning of Lone Wolf is a steep uphill walk
• The trail itself is pretty rocky and can get slippery especially in a certain part of the trail that is kind of steep, but overall not bad. Uphill parts but manageable
• I’ve seen all ages of hikers on this trail from toddlers to the elderly
• Several look out spots along the trail. Some man made ones with a built out wooden deck overlook, and some sketchy hiker created paths that lead to overlooks. Be careful!
• The bottom half of the trail walks through woods along the creek and can get extremely muddy
• The trail does loop but you have to walk along the road at the very end to get back to the parking lots
• Several parking lots with plenty of spaces
• This trail also has a lot of mosquitos in the summer
• I prefer to go in winter or snow when it’s not as crowded and no bugs :)
• Dog and bike friendly trail


Such a fun and unique trail
• Many things to see including rock formations, creeks, bluffs, large boulders, waterfalls, and more!
• This trail does have quite a bit of up and down elevation
• Trail is dirt, gravel, rocky, and everything else. Climbing and taking careful steps is required
• Trail is well maintained. There are plenty of places to go off path and explore more or climb, but getting back to the trail is easy to find • This trail does loop
• There’s an overlook bluff view but it was super crowded with people
• Dog friendly
• There’s a pretty large gravel parking lot, but this is a popular park and it can get full and go into street parking on nice days



  • J's Pitaria
  • Broadway Oyster Bar
  • Gramophone   


  • Herbaria
  • Golden Gems
  • Flowers and Weeds

Overall the best time to visit is fall. Go early or on weekdays to avoid crowds Check online to see if parks are closed for hunting season, controlled burning, etc.

Thank you so much @stlouishikes for your amazing tips and tricks on these hikes and places to visit.  If you live in St. Louis or are planning on going there soon go check out her whole instagram account where she shares all the best hikes all around her area.  Thanks so much!

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