Bryce Canyon Hiking Guide w/ @hilarysantos_

Bryce Canyon Hiking Guide w/ @hilarysantos_

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If you haven't been to Bryce Canyon, it's time to go!  Like WOW, it is gorgeous and a must-see for everyone. Especially if you are making a trip to UT, add this to the list.

Today we are so lucky to have Hilary, an avid hiker, here to share her TOP 3 hiking musts at Bryce Canyon! It is best to hike between late spring and early fall and is located in the Dixie National Forest ($35 per car FYI) If these pictures don't make you want to come visit, I don't know what will.  Here ya go!

1. Fairyland Loop Trail

It's about 8 miles long and you can actually start the loop before getting to the Bryce Canyon entrance. Isn't it so beautiful?!

(Hilary in our brown hiked it liked it tee )

This hike is more for experienced hikers and people looking to get the most out of what the canyon has to offer.  There is not much shade, so you need a hiking pack with water and definitely a hat!

2. Navajo Loop + Queens Garden Trail

This trail is 3.1 miles long and has ALL the best views of Bryce (you for sure need to check this one out) 

You'll hit switchbacks and go through the amazing Hoodoos. Hilary recommends you hit up this hike first in the area!

3.Mossy Cave Trail

This fun short hike at .4 miles long is perfect for a beautiful waterfall sighting! Amazing for a sunset lookout point as well and is way less crowded at night.  It is an easy path to follow for beginner hikers and kids so take the whole family.

Hilary says "Overall-one of the best canyons I've been to.  Views like nowhere else! If you live in Utah, or if you have the chance to hike this canyon, DO IT 100%"

There you have it--all the to do's for Bryce Canyon laid out for you to make your life a little easier. Thank you so much Hilary for sharing these incredible hikes with us :)

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