• By Ben Campbell


For Wildlife Notes first entry, we have asked outdoors addict Jess Thomas (@jay_rides) - Instagram - to talk to us about her newest addiction - Snowshoeing.

(@jay_rides snowshoeing at Grand Tetons National Park) 

'This is the first year I've tried snowshoeing and I'm hooked. I love that it is something I can do with my entire family and it can be done anywhere there is snow.My favorite snowshoeing adventure this year was when I got to walk across Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park. It was so surreal and I got to experience the beauty of the Teton Mountains in a different way than I am used to. I'm looking forward to many more experiences like this and am thankful I live in a 4 season state!' - Jess Thomas - Instagram @jay_rides


A great local place to rent snowshoes here in Utah is Plan-it-Rentals. It's $7 for the whole weekend. Here's some media from our recent snowshoeing outings! Enjoy and let us know your favorite place to snowshoe!


Grand Tetons Snowshoe from Kyle Thomas on Vimeo.


Snowshoeing - Brighton Resort, Utah from Ben Campbell on Vimeo.

Pine Hollow Snowshoe from Kyle Thomas on Vimeo.

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